Dubai Free Zone Business Setup.

Comprehensive Guide to Dubai Free Zone Business Setup

Key Benefits of Free Zone Business Setup by Blackstone Group Dubai.

Key Benefits of Free Zone Business Setup:

100% Foreign Ownership: Retain complete control of your business without the need for a local partner.

Tax Advantages: Enjoy tax benefits including no personal income taxes and corporate tax incentives.

Profit Repatriation: Send your earnings abroad without restrictions.

International Business: Conduct global business with ease.

VAT Benefits: Benefit from a low VAT rate of 5%.

Strategic Location: Access to major airports and seaports, connecting you to over 200 countries.

Residency Visas: Obtain 3-year visas for you and your employees.

Diverse Talent Pool: Hire from a workforce drawn from more than 200 nationalities.

Property Ownership: The ability to own property in Dubai.

Prices starting from: AED 12,500 (EUR 3.170 / USD 3,420) in the Emirate of Dubai and AED 5,750 (around EUR 1,460 / USD 1,570) in other Emirates.

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  • The process is straightforward:

    ❯ Passport copies of all shareholders and directors.

    ❯ UAE entry stamp or visa page.

    ❯ Contact details and address proof.

    ❯ Proposed company names.

    ❯ We will send you a link to check on available names

  • Affordable Setup Costs:

    The cost varies based on:

    ❯ The number of visas needed.

    ❯ The choice of office space.

    ❯ Business activities and Free Zone region.

    With The Blackstone Group Dubai, transparent pricing for your business setup begins at AED 12,500 in the Emirate of Dubai. In the other Emirates, competitive prices start as low as AED 5,750. These rates include all necessary Government documents to support the longevity and prosperity of your company's establishment.

  • Next Steps After Setup:

    Immigration Card and E-Channel Registration: Required for visa eligibility, with an option for multi-year renewals.

    Visa Processing: Investor/partner visas range from AED 5,000 to AED 7,000.

    Bank Account Opening: With your full business documentation and identification, we'll assist in setting up your corporate bank account.

The New Golden Era!

Echoing the prosperity of the “Golden Era 1920s” post-WWI in America, the United Arab Emirates today represents the modern-day land of opportunity. As a vibrant economic hub, the UAE boasts a flourishing market eager for growth and innovation.

With its unique position as a desert state, nearly everything is imported, opening vast possibilities for new businesses.

The time to act is now – seize the chance to tap into endless opportunities. Don't wait, start your business journey in the UAE today!