• Mario Radosavljevic Owner at the Blackstone Group Welcome to The Blackstone Group Dubai - Pioneering Sustainable Investment and Strategic Licensing.

    CEO & Founder | Mario Radosavljevic

    With two decades of entrepreneurial prowess, Mario Radosavljevic is a seasoned serial entrepreneur managing 20 distinguished brands and a private investor. His expertise in strategic partnership management and public relations since 2011 has solidified his role as a pivotal figure in the business world. As the owner of the Blackstone Group, LOMA Group Monaco, E-Mobile Solution, among others, he also acts as a vital GCC, EU, and US facilitator for the Royal Family in the UAE, showcasing his vast network and influence across continents.

  • Regional Director | Alexander van der Kemp

    A visionary leader with unmatched expertise in navigating trade dynamics within the European Union, BRICS, BRI, SCO, and GCC states. This team member excels in fostering continuous learning and innovation, guiding teams with empathy and strategic insight towards exceeding market trends. Their approach prioritizes long-term growth and empowering teams to contribute significantly to global economic development.

  • Regional Director | Roberto Tanca

    Roberto Tanca boasts exceptional connections within Italy and beyond, driving advancements in E-Mobility, Sports, and the Automotive industry, among others. His notable tenure as the former team manager of Raton Racing culminated in clinching the 2016 World Championship and European Championship. With very close relationships with Automobili Lamborghini and years of success in commercial real estate, Roberto's expansive expertise and network further enrich his multifaceted career.