Dubai Mainland Business Setup.

Comprehensive Guide to Dubai Mainland Business Setup

Key Benefits of Mainland Business Setup with Blackstone Group Dubai.

Key Benefits of Mainland Business Setup:

100% Foreign Ownership: Under CCL 2021, foreign nationals can fully own Mainland Companies, as per activities listed by the Dubai Economic Department (DED).

No Currency Restrictions: Freely conduct business without the concern of currency limitations.

Location Freedom: Choose your office location anywhere in Dubai to best suit your business needs.

No Minimum Capital Requirement: Mention your share capital in the Memorandum of Association without the need to display capital upfront.

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  • Tailored Policies for Success.

    Dubai's forward-thinking business policies are crafted to bolster your company's growth, with a Corporate Tax rate proposed at 9% on net profit over AED 375,000 (EUR 96.000 / USD 103,000), set to commence in mid-2023 or 2024. Importantly, personal incomes such as salaries, dividends, and capital gains from share ownership REMAIN UNTAXED at the individual level.

  • New regulations since June 2021 amplify the ease of doing business in Dubai Mainland:

    Expanded Foreign Ownership: 100% foreign ownership is now permitted across various sectors, including trading, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

    Simplified Company Structures: Even single-person LLCs are now possible for foreign investors.

    Professional Activity Provisions: The requirement for a UAE national as a Local Service Agent is now limited, primarily to professional activities.

  • With the amended Commercial Company Law, setting up your business in Dubai Mainland has never been more straightforward:

    1. Majority commercial and industrial activities open for full foreign ownership.
    2. The option for single-owner LLCs enhances business structure flexibility.
    3. Real estate-related activities, including brokerage, can be fully foreign-owned.
    4. The role of the Emirati national as Local Service Agent is now more specific and limited.
    5. Company incorporation processes, including MOA preparation, have been streamlined for efficiency.

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The pathway to establishing a successful business in Dubai Mainland is clear. With The Blackstone Group Dubai, you gain an experienced ally to navigate the promising business landscape of the United Arab Emirates.